Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A New View: Over the Months

A New View is a new installation on my blog where I photograph life and the things around me.

I love photography. One of my dream careers is to be a photographer for National Geographic, but since I am not in the Amazon photographing spider monkeys or in Burkina Faso photographing the fashion in their marketplace, I will instead photograph my experiences and the things I see around me. I am now living in New York City for the summer so I am sure I will see some pretty interesting things.

For the first installation, here are some random photos I took over the past several months. My iPhoto continues to surprise me with photos I forgot I had ever taken, or ones people have taken of me. 

So, all photos below were taken by me except the three with me in them of course. Enjoy!
August 2014. Balleycroy, Ireland. (Photo cred: my grandma).
October 2014. Galway, Ireland. 
November 2014. Cardiff, Wales. 
November 2014. Cardiff, Wales.
November 2014. Amsterdam, Netherlands. 
November 2014. Amsterdam, Netherlands. (Photo cred: Meescha).
December 2014. Orlando, Florida. 
January 2015. Brooklyn, New York. (Photo Cred: my dad). 
April 2015. Madison, New Jersey. 
May 2015. Madison, New Jersey.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

To Keep Blogging or To Not Keep Blogging?

That is the question. 

Hello anyone who reads this.

I have been on a blog hiatus for about 2 and a half months now, mostly because of my crazy schedule. However, I don't like calling that an excuse because I have always been crazy busy and I have always found time to blog in the past two years. What I fear is that I am not sure if my heart is in it anymore. 

I have been thinking about my blog a lot in the past two weeks since starting an internship at an off-Broadway theatre in NYC. One of my main projects is that I am part of the team redesigning and redoing their website and blog. I have so many exciting ideas that I want to bring to the table there and it has made me reflect back on my own blog and website design. 

I remember first starting my blog and feeling a combination of excitement and bashfulness. I was very insecure that what I wrote, posted, or talked about would be pointless or weird. I thought my quality would be so far behind the gazillion blogs that existed already. I struggled internally to find my unique voice but realize that inherently that uniqueness came out naturally and my blog has always been a reflection of me and not a carbon copy of more popular, successful blogs. I built up such a confidence about what I posted and how I posted it. I loved how my photography was developing and how I felt free to post about so many different aspects of my life and life in general, whether it be about beauty products, music, my weekend, my travels, my writing, or my anxiety. 

I look at the 200+ posts I have done on my blog and I am proud of every single one. 

Each post reminds me of so many good and positive experiences/times in my life. 

And with this extremely positive outlook on my past work, why am I feeling that I should not continue? 

I think I have reverted to those initial insecurities I had when I first started: not having unique ideas, not having new ideas, not wanting to post something half-assed, not being free until the night to do anything. 

BUT, as I write this post, I want to give it a try. As I type laying in bed at 10:30 pm, I feel I am convincing myself to delve back in. So, I am going to try for the next month. I don't have any goals expect that I hope in one month, I feel in some way better about this blog that I love so much.